PPPC National Convention 2018



Professional Development Speaker

Bryson Sask, CAS

Key Innovations Inc.

Content Area:

Industry Essentials – relevant to new and long time industry members


The audience first hears a story about how Microsoft used a simple branded coffee mug to garner massive attention at a convention and the story introduces the concept that promotional products are far more powerful than just trinkets and trash.

They’re then taken to an exercise where they’re shown a series of 30 images in 30 seconds which they’re asked to remember. After 10 or more minutes have passed the audience is tested together on their recall of the images, and to their surprise, recall is usually 100%. An explanation of how their memory works leads to the understanding of how the mind works in pictures. When someone sees a promotional product their mind take a picture of that brand on the product, an impression is made, and the ability to recall that brand is enhanced.

The last segment is a lesson from a Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics who did a study that revealed how environmental reminders (nudges/cues), increase the effectiveness of behaviour change over any other form of motivator. Audience members are asked for their opinion on motivating factors they feel would shift their own behavior. I show the audience how our promotional products are environmental cues that can shift buyer behavior by continually reminding the buyer about the brand they see on that promotional product and how it creates familiarity with the brand. No other form of advertising can compare to the permanency and frequency of promotional products placed in the right environment. This is the value we, as industry members, need to communicate to Marketing Managers and buyers of advertising.

The session concludes with a Q&A period, followed by a recap of the major points.

Learner Outcome:

For new or experienced industry members, they will walk away with a completely changed perspective on how promotional products work and they can use this knowledge to explain to their clients how promotional products deliver the best value for their client’s brand: fostering the relationship between the brand and the end-user of the promotional product.

The audience will learn the science and psychology of how their memory works, how environmental nudges contribute to influence, and how both of these traits play into the effectiveness of promotional products in advertising, brand recall, and buyer behavior. Ultimately giving the audience tools backed up by research that show how promotional products are the most effective over other forms of advertising.

The session is light on science, facts, and slides filled with text. It is heavy on stories, audience input, surprise, and visuals.


The Science and Psychology of Promotional Products

  • Creating value for your client’s brand
  • Foster the relationship between the brand and end-users
  • How memory works and how environmental nudges contribute
  • The session is light on science, facts, and slides filled with text. It is heavy on stories, audience input, surprise, and visuals
CAS: 1 Point

Date: Friday, February 9th, 2018
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Location: Toronto Airport Marriott