PPPC National Convention 2018



Professional Development Speaker

Lorne I. Ordel

Sales Dynamics Inc.

Content Area:

The presentation will share the experience and knowledge gained based on running Sales Dynamics since its inception in 1975. You will be enlightened with the lessons and life experiences on how to conduct oneself both in business and personally along the way.


The presentation is not going to be strictly business. You will also be exposed to life lessons.

The content will cover the history of Sales Dynamics and including some highlights of the Promotional Products industry.

It will cover business suggestions in various fields. It will not cover the basics, but will present strategic information concerning Marketing, Administration, handing the finances of a company, and selecting and maintaining qualified staff.

The importance of developing valuable relationships will be stressed and highlighted throughout the presentation with real examples.

It is important to set up a balance between work and many other elements in one’s life. Stories demonstrating this will be told throughout the presentation. These stories will demonstrate their importance to happiness and success.

You will also learn of the building of Sales Dynamics with the help of immigrants, new Canadians, visible minorities, and including people who had physical and mental issues to overcome while on the job.

Learner Outcome:

The participants will come away with valuable information on how to run a successful Promotional Products Agency. You will receive insight in how the founder of Sales Dynamics conducted himself with clients, suppliers and personally as he progressed along the road to building a successful and respected Promotional Products Agency.


Running a Promotional Product Agency for 42 Years!

  • How to successfully run a Promotional Products Agency
  • How to build powerful relationships
  • How to develop a balance between work and play
  • How to build a life of honesty, respect, diversity and a true sense of caring
CAS: 1 Point

Date: Friday, February 9th, 2018
Time: 10:30am-11:30am
Location: Toronto Airport Marriott